How do I reserve an apartment?

The first step is to choose the space you like, with an optional parking space and a storage room. The Property Reservation Agreement is then signed, and the deposit is paid within three days. This way your apartment is considered reserved.

Do I need a property valuation?

If your bank requires it, you need to provide a property valuation by a certified valuer, at a stage where the apartment's completion rate is registered as being at least 80% at the Centre of Registers. It is important to choose a valuation agent from the list of valuers provided by your bank.

How long do I have to pay in full?

If the home is purchased with a loan, full payment is made after the signing the Main Purchase and Sale Agreement with a notary. If the home is bought without credit, payment is made in full in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Main Purchase and Sale Agreement (before or after the notarial deed).

When can I start furnishing my apartment?

After signing the Main Purchase and Sale Agreement, you are handed the keys to the property and the finishing work may begin.

What are the planned construction deadlines?

Construction of Phase I is scheduled to start in Q1 2024. 80% completion of Phase I buildings is expected by Q2 2025. 100% completion of Phase I buildings and project completion is expected by Q4 2025. We aim to complete construction ahead of schedule and will keep our clients informed of progress.

Can the developer make changes to the layout of the apartments for sale based on the client's preferences?

The developer does not make any changes to the apartments for sale, all changes are to be made by the client after signing the notarial deed.

Are apartments equipped with a heat recovery system?

The air extraction and exhaust ducts and the main unit (recuperator) will be installed. The customer will have to install the ducts throughout the rooms of the apartment.

Will it be possible to install air conditioning?

Yes, an air conditioner can be installed as an outdoor unit on a balcony or terrace (for ground floor flats) and covered based on the specifications drawn up by the designers.

Will there be terraces?

Yes, terraces will be built. This will include wooden terraces on the ground floors and wooden planking on the roof terraces.

Will the project be equipped with CCTV cameras?

Yes, CCTV cameras will be installed in the underground car park and in the project area.

What type of charging stations will be installed for electric cars?

Charging stations with a capacity of 11 kW will be installed.

What are the ceiling and window heights in the apartments?

Ceiling height in apartments is 2.75 m.
The height of the windows in the apartments is 2.40 m.

Why is the installation period so short (only 3 months)?

The installation of the apartment's engineering systems is important for certain tests (e.g. leakage) required for 100% registration of the project.

Can I apply for a loan from a bank yet?

Once the project reaches 80% completion, you will be able to apply to banks for a loan and sign the Main Purchase and Sale Agreement after obtaining a letter of guarantee.

What happens if we don't get the loan?

If you provide letters from three Lithuanian banks stating that you have not received a loan, your reservation fee will be refunded.

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